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There are many places a person can go to learn how to make personal care products. However, unless you are willing to take the time to learn the proper techniques and safety precautions, it is better to purchase handcrafted products. If you are still interested in making personal care products, such as SOAPS, SALVES, LOTIONS, SPRAYS, SCRUBS, and many more, then click one of the links below and begin your journey. I am warning you. Creating your own personal products is a very addictive process. Once you experience handcrafted products, you will never return to the major brands on your local store shelves.

Since my personal journey began with learning to make handcrafted soap, I am partial to the soapmaker "breed" and am beginning your journey with places to begin:

Learning the Basics

Forums - Where the newest soapmakers & soapmaking experts hang their Soap Racks and create LOTS of suds!!!