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Peter Whitney

Peter Whitney Was My Grandfather

(some misprints include 'Peter Whitley')

Peter King Engle was
Born: May 24, 1916
To James Wilson Rhodes Engle
and Faith Hosford

In Long Branch, New Jersey/USA
He died: March 30, 1972 (heart attack)

Married to: Adrienne Whitney Banker

Christopher, Joan, and Kaaren

Grandchildren: (Thru Kaaren)
Peter, Kathleen, Mark and Lila

Peter Whitney used Adrienne' s middle name as his alias since good German names like Engle were not acceptable during the early part of his career.

Peter Whitney
As Lafe Crick in Beverly Hillbillies


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TV - This site includes an extensive listing of the movies.  All but the movies where he was un-credited are listed.  Careful.  There' s a new Peter Whitney.  For the older actor, look for listings before March 30, 1972.