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How to make labels in Word: Adding background Colors & Inserting Pictures

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For this group of tutorial shots, I'm using my current cigar-band-styled label. It is on a horizontal table with the page in 'portrait'. I use only three columns and the Xyron Model 150 to stick this label onto my baby-blanket-wrapped bars.

Now it's time to finish making the "picture" text.

I've entered my text.Text box made in Drawing canvas
 and text has been entered.

The following screenshots show the steps to finish the text box. The various menu options have already been used on other pages of this tutorial.

After you've entered your text, click the 'outside' box to highlight it. Then right-click and select 'Format Drawing Canvas'.Format drawing canvas.

First, select the Layout Tab. Choose in front of text, just like you did here.Unanchor drawing canvas.This allows you to move the text box into place later

The default fill color is white. Select the Colors and Lines Tab. Click on the down arrow & select 'No Fill'. This will make the background of your text box transparent.Format text box.

Select Text Box Tab. If not already checked, check 'Word wrap text in AutoShape' and 'Resize AutoShape to fit text'.format text box con't.

Oh yeah. You need to change text direction.

Click inside the box and select your text directionChange text direction.

Click the text picture & CTRL-C to copyCopying text box.

Then click outside the table area & CTRL-V to paste. Unleash the box, then move to desired location.Pasting text box.

I've clicked inside the box & replaced the text.Put new text box in proper location in table.

Then I adjusted the text size & resized the box to fit!Edited text entry.

Label nearly complete.Go here to Format AutoShapeGo here to Format Text Box

After final adjustments, like text size and color, I adjusted each of my vertical dividers to my measured widths. Using the steps presented, you should now be able to edit your text to fit your desired label width!Completed label.

If you look at the top of the bar that is standing up, that is naked soap, exposed by the wrapping method. I included two on their sides so you can see how the label is folded around the soap.Label on product.

Another shot of the band.Label closeup shot.

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