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How to make labels in Word: Adding background Colors & Inserting Pictures

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This section is a bit long but it is well worth the result!

Insert your table as shown in Table Setup of the tutorial. Make sure 'Fixed column width' is set to auto. MINIMUM Table size is 1 & 1.

Note: In order to see the paragraph notations, click the paragraph symbol in the toolbar. You'll see the importance of this later on.Paragraph button top right corner of image.

This is the block where the picture will be inserted. But before that, a 'picture' needs to be drawn. Don't panic. This is real easy.Cursor in empty cell.

From the 'Draw' toolbar, select the rectangle. It will set a rectangle for you to work in        >>>Rectangle highlighted in lower left corner of image.

Your cursor will now be a plus sign. Starting in the upper left corner of outline, click and drag your mouse to fill the square.Image shows drawing canvas being created.

When you let go of the cursor, this drawing box appears.Image shows steering dot.

We'll get to the little anchor in a moment.

Right-click inside the box & select 'Format AutoShape.' When the menu opens, click on the FILL color arrow, go down to and click 'Fill Effects.'Format AutoShapes>Colors and Lines>Fill>Color:

Click on the LINE color arrow and select 'No Line'. Format AutoShapes>Colors and Lines>Line>Color:

This is FUN!!! The color and gradient shown here are the ones I use. Play around with this. This is where you set the mood for your labels! Format AutoShapes>Colors and Lines>Fill>Color: Fill Effects

Okay, now I've got my background set. The orientation is still not right. Modified box ready for correcting orientation.

The green dot attached to the picture is for "steering." You set your cursor over the green dot and it becomes a circle with arrows. Click, hold and rotate your picture in ANY direction!Modified box adjusted to correcting orientation.

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