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How to make labels in Word: Change Text Direction

Labels Menu

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SGS - Labels Menu

Insert your table as shown in Table Setup of the tutorial. Make sure 'Fixed column width' is set to auto. MINIMUM Table size is 1 & 1.

At this point in time, fill each cell with whatever you want. For this section of the tutorial, the focus is on text orientation. Inserting and editing pictures is on another section.

Cells are filled with text and images.

Text Direction

1.Choosing Text Direction from the menu.

2.Text Direction - Table Cell Orientation selector.

3.Text Direction before change.

4.Text Direction after change. See! They are upside down to each other!


1.Choosing Cell Alignment from the menu. New side menu opens beside main menu.

2.Side menu - selecting for centering on horizontal and vertical.


4.Complete with some text shown inverted as well.

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   Now, these steps weren't too bad!