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How to make labels in Word: Introduction

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By Kathleen K. Koch 26 April 2003

This step-by-step tutorial is designed to help you in your quest to make a cigar-band label using a single program! Unlike other tutorials, this one teaches you how to make labels that appear as if they have upside-down print!

I've worked hard to make this tutorial easy!

Broken into easy-to-use sections, you can refresh your memory without going through the entire tutorial to find that one little bit of information that's being elusive.

I just hope I've given you enough.

TIP: All screen shots were made using the PRINT SCREEN button. If this doesn't work with your version of Word, try ALT-PRINT SCREEN, then use CTRL-V to paste/insert the screen shot into a document or photo-editor. Keep in mind that PRINT SCREEN is just that. It will capture ONLY the image on the screen. If you wish to copy each section of the entire document, try using CTRL-A, CTRL-C (select all & copy, respectively), then CTRL-V to paste as you would normally. As a final option, you can simply save each html page onto your pc.

This work is presented for your use. It is still my work, so give credit when referencing it. With that in mind, you may print these pages out for your personal reference manuals.

I hope this tutorial was helpful in your endeavors

to create a useful & easily modified set of labels!

Please write if you have any suggestions, or additions.

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