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Peter Whitney's Acting Career

Peter Whitney's acting career began in 1941 and lasted until 1970. I can remember sitting and watching television as a child and my parents would point to a surly character on the screen and tell me that it was my grandfather. My most vivid memories of my grandfather were his roles as Captain McBain in "Superman's Peril" and as Lafe Crick in Beverly Hillbillies. Although I don't remember, my parents said we also watched was "The Sword of Ali Baba"

When I began researching my grandfather, I was very surprised to find his career was far more extensive than I had ever imagined. Although he never became a well-known Hollywood actor, his many roles are truly memorable to the historical movie buffs.

(NKATT = "Not known at this time.")


Movie TitleYearCharacterMore Info
Ballad of Cable Hogue, The1970CushingN/ANKATT
Great Bank Robbery, The1969Brother JordanN/ANKATT
In the Heat of the Night1967George CourtneyN/ANKATT
Sword of Ali Baba, The1965AbouN/ANKATT
Wonderful World of the
Brothers Grimm, The
1962The GiantN/ANKATT
Buchanan Rides Alone1958Amos AgryN/A(The Name's Buchanan 1958 [USA])
Domino Kid, The1957Lafe PrentissN/ANKATT
Cruel Tower, The1956JossN/ANKATT
Great Day in the Morning1956Phil the CannibalN/A[Uncredited]
Man from Del Rio1956Ed BannisterN/ANKATT
Last Frontier, The1955Sergeant Major DeckerN/A(Savage Wilderness [USATVtitle] 1956)
Sea Chase, The1955BachmanN/ANKATT
Black Dakotas, The1954GrimesN/ANKATT
Day of Triumph1954NikatorN/ANKATT
Gorilla at Large1954KovacsN/ANKATT
Superman's Peril1954Captain McBainN/AAdventures of Superman Series: The Golden Vulture
All the Brothers Were Valiant1953"James Finch, 1st MateN/ANKATT
Big Heat, The1953TierneyN/ANKATT
Great Sioux Uprising, The1953Ahab JonesN/ANKATT
Big Jim McLain1952TruckdriverN/A(Jim McLain) [Uncredited]
The Living Christ Series1951NKATTN/AV.9 Fate of John the Baptist
The Living Christ Series1951NKATTN/AV.3 Boyhood and Baptism
Iron Curtain, The1948WinikovN/A(Behind the Iron Curtain [USA reissue title])
Gangster, The1947Brother-in-LawN/ANKATT
Northwest Outpost1947Volkoff OverseerN/A(End of the Rainbow [UK])
Violence1947Joker RobinsonN/ANKATT
Blonde Alibi1946Lt. Melody HaynesN/ANKATT
Brute Man, The1946Lt. GatesN/A(The Brute)
Canyon Passage1946ManN/A[Uncredited]
Notorious Lone Wolf, The1946Harvey BeaumontN/ANKATT
Three Strangers1946GabbyN/ANKATT
Bring on the Girls1945SwedeN/ANKATT
Hotel Berlin1945HeinrichsN/ANKATT
Murder, He Says1945Mert Fleagle/Bert FleagleN/ANKATT
Mr. Skeffington1944Chester ForbishN/ANKATT
Action in the North Atlantic1943Whitey LaraN/ANKATT
Destination Tokyo1943DakotaN/ANKATT
Buses Roar1942HoffN/ANKATT
Reunion in France1942Soldier with candyN/A(Mademoiselle France 1943 [UK])(Reunion 1942)
Rio Rita1942JakeN/ANKATT
Spy Ship1942ZinnerN/ANKATT
Valley of the Sun1942WillieN/ANKATT
Whistling in Dixie1942Frank V. BailieN/ANKATT
Blues in the Night1941PeteN/ANKATT
Nine Lives Are Not Enough1941Roy SlocumN/ANKATT
Underground1941"Alex Schumann, undergrounderN/ANKATT
Series regular:
SeriesYearCharacterEpisodeMore Info
Rough Riders, The1958Sergeant Buck SinclairSERIESNKATT
Guest Appearances:
SeriesYearCharacterEpisodeMore Info
Adventures of Jim Bowie, The1956NKATT2.1/9/6/1957Epitaph for an Indian
Alaskans, The1959NKATT1.20/2/21/1960The Seal Skin Game
Alaskans, The1959Jobka1.35/6/5/1960White Vengeance
Beverly Hillbillies, The1962Lafayette 'Lafe' Crick2.17/1/15/1964The Girl From Home
Beverly Hillbillies, The1962Lafayette 'Lafe' Crick2.18/1/22/1964Lafe Lingers On
Beverly Hillbillies, The1962Lafayette 'Lafe' Crick2.20/2/12/1964Lafe Returns
Beverly Hillbillies, The1962Lafayette 'Lafe' Crick2.21/2/19/1964Son of Lafe Returns
Big Valley, The1965Sheriff Dan Kincaid3.13/12/11/1967Night of the Executioner
Bonanza1959Lewt Cutter2.2/9/17/1960The Mission
Bonanza1959NKATT9.25/4/7/1968Commitment at Angelus
Bonanza1959NKATT13.10/11/28/1971The Iron Butterfly
Californians, The1957NKATT1.13/12/17/1957Truce of the Tree
Californians, The1957NKATT1.35/6/3/1958Shanghai Queen
Cheyenne1955NKATT3.13/3/11/1958White Warrior
Cheyenne1955NKATT4.5/11/2/1959The Imposter
Cheyenne1955Hugo Parma5.1/10/3/1960The Long Rope
Cheyenne1955Lionel Abbot6.8/12/4/1961Legacy of the Lost
Combat!1962Capt. Boulange2.14/12/17/1963Thunder From The Hill
Daniel Boone1964Caleb Calhoun1.10/12/10/1964Pompey
Green Acres1965Olaf Simpson2.7/11/2/1966The Good Old Days
Gunsmoke1955Jase Murdock1.9/11/26/1955The Hunter
Gunsmoke1955Dan Daggit2.17/1/19/1957Sins of the Father
Gunsmoke1955Ira Scurlock5.5/10/10/1959Kangaroo
Gunsmoke1955Gip Cooley7.4/10/21/1961Harper's Blood
Gunsmoke1955Dan Braden10.16/1/9/1965"Run, Sheep, Run"
Gunsmoke1955Jason Holt11.8/11/6/1965The Reward
Have Gun Will Travel1957Judd Calhoun1.20/1/25/1958The Last Laugh
Hey, Landlord1966Lloyd Banner1.5/10/9/1966Instant Family
Hotel de Paree1959NKATT1.6/11/6/1959A Rope is for Hanging
Johnny Ringo1959Arnold Riker1.8/11/19/1959Dead Wait
Law of the Plainsman1959NKATT1.4/10/22/1959The Hostiles
Law of the Plainsman1959NKATT1.10/12/3/1959The Dude
Law of the Plainsman1959NKATT1.18/1/28/1960The Rawhiders
Legend of Jesse James, The1965NKATT1.5/10/18/1965The Raiders
Lone Ranger, The1949Windy4.22/2/3/1955Heritage of Treason
Maverick1957Gunnerson1.20/2/9/1958The Savage Hills (as a counterfeiter / secret service agent)
Maverick1957Brock4.13/12/11/1960Dodge City or Bust
Monkees, The1966El Diablo2.1/9/11/1967A Nice Place to Visit
Mothers-in-Law, The1967Terrence Archibald1.16/12/13/1967Everybody Wants to be a Writer
Mr. Lucky1959Andre Damon1.11/1/2/1960Aces Back to Back
Mr. Lucky1959Rosey1.25/4/9/1960Hair of the Dog
My Friend Flicka1955Crothers****-(1955)A Case of Honor
Night Gallery1970Grave Robber #12.53/2/9/1972Deliveries in the Rear
Overland Trail, The1960Governor Sutcliff1.12/5/1/1960First Stage to Denver
Perry Mason1957Roger Gates5.7/10/28/1961The Case of the Pathetic Patient
Perry Mason1957"Stefan "Big Steve" Jahnchek6.8/11/15/1962The Case of the Stand-In Sister
Perry Mason1957Capt. Otto Varnum8.29/5/16/1965The Case of the Wrongful Writ
Petticoat Junction1963Jasper Tweedy7.8/11/15/1969"Sorry Doctor, I Ain't Takin No Shots"
Rawhide1959NKATT2.26/5/6/1960Incident of the One Hundred Amulets
Rebel, The1959NKATT2.18/1/15/1961The Promise
Rifleman, The1958Tracy Blanche2.6/11/3/1959Eddie's Daughter
Rifleman, The1958John Jupiter2.16/1/12/1960Mail Order Groom
Rifleman, The1958Andrew Bechtel2.22/2/23/1960Heller
Rifleman, The1958NKATT3.5/10/25/1960Strange Town
Rifleman, The1958Vince Fergus3.34/5/16/1961The Queue
Rifleman, The1958John Holliver4.11/12/11/1961Long Gun from Tuscon
Rifleman, The1958Neb Jackman5.3/10/15/1962Lou Mallory
Rifleman, The1958Valentine5.11/12/10/1962Gun Shy
Rifleman, The1958Neb Jackman5.25/4/1/1963Which Way'd They Go?
Riverboat1959NKATT1.9/11/8/1959A Night at Trapper's Landing
Rogues, The1964Sheikh Achmed1.6/10/25/1964Death of a Fleming
Tate1960NKATT1.8/8/17/1960Before Sunup
Temple Houston1963Cletus Emory1.8/11/14/1963Jubilee
Tombstone Territory1957NKATT1.9/12/11/1957Apache Vendetta
Untouchables, The1959Big Bill Swinney2.2/10/20/1960The Jack Legs Diamond Story
Untouchables, The1959"Fat" Augie Strom4.21/3/5/1963The Man in the Cooler
Virginian, The1962Lars Holstrom12.28/4/15/1964A Bride for Lars
Virginian, The1962Jake Landers13.29/4/14/1965The Showdown
Virginian, The1962Ansel Miller14.16/1/5/1966Nobody Said Hello
Virginian, The1962McPherson18.6/10/22/19691The Runaway Boy
Wagon Train1957Rodney Miller1.35/5/28/1958The Rex Montana Story
Wagon Train1957NKATT5.10/12/6/1961The Lizabeth Ann Calhoun Story
Wagon Train1957NKATT6.8/11/7/1962The Shiloh Degnan Story
Wagon Train1957NKATT6.20/2/6/1963The Hollister John Garrison Story
Wagon Train1957NKATT6.33/5/8/1963The David Garner Story
Wagon Train1957NKATT7.29/4/6/1964The Stark Bluff Story
Wagon Train1957NKATT8.22/3/28/1965The Betsy Blee Smith Story
Wide Country, The1962NKATT1.23/3/7/1963The Quest for Jacob Blaufus
Zane Grey Theater1956NKATT1.15/1/11/1957No Man Living
Zane Grey Theater1956NKATT2.18/2/7/1958License to Kill
Zane Grey Theater1956Matt5.20/2/23/1961The Bible Man
Zane Grey Theater1956NKATT5.26/4/13/1961Man from Everywhere

1. Information provided by "a Virginian TV fan" 12/24/2005.