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9-2-2015 - Soul Gazer Sundries is closed. However, the site will remain up for the tutorials and the SoapSheet spreadsheet.


2-13-2005 - Soapsheet Version 3 - This soapmaking spreadsheet is the most recent version of the one on Kathy Miller's ( website. Check out the added features!

11-7-2004 - How To Make Labels in MSWord as a PDF. This is still a huge, graphics-intensive package. Approximately one meg.

2-23-2004 - Cube Template PDF! This 2" cube is the perfect pattern to use for those wonderful bath bombs! Thank you "twiggyann" for your generous donation of this template for all to use.

2-18-2004 - Box Template document! Print on heavy cardstock or print out to use as a pattern!

The Box

2-18-2004 - Making labels using WORD is now a printable WORD document!
(Warning: Approximately 2 meg. May be a slow page. Approx 18 pages with lots of graphics.)

4-26-2003 - Original online step-by-step guide to Making labels using WORD. This tutorial guides you toward a label with wording that APPEARS to be upside down!